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HR Ratings de México, S.A. de C.V. (HR Ratings), is a securities rating agency authorized by the Mexican Banking and Securities Commission, under the Securities Market Law, a registered NRSRO (Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and a certified Credit Rating Agency (CRA) in the European Union, by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). The address of HR Ratings is Guillermo González Camarena No. 1200, Piso 10, Colonia Centro de Ciudad Santa Fe, Delegación Álvaro Obregón, C.P. 01210, Mexico City.

HR Ratings collects the following personal data when a “User” registers on the HR Ratings website, or submits any question, complaint or request: name, email address and, where applicable, their Company.

This personal data will be used solely to send HR Ratings website Users notices related to the ratings issued by the agency and relevant corporate notices that could be of interest to the User, and also to respond to questions, requests or complaints submitted via the “Contact” form.

In addition, the personal data provided by persons with whom HR Ratings holds a service contract (Clients), such as name, email address, and phone number, and also the personal data of persons authorized by the Client to send and receive information to/from HR Ratings, shall be used solely for the purposes of the contract, and also for communication with Clients and to send the information necessary and relevant to the respective services contracted.

HR Ratings will uphold strict confidentiality and protect the data provided by Users and Clients, and will not transfer User or Client data to third parties, without their consent, with the exception of that stipulated in article 37 of the Mexican Law to Protect Personal Data in the Possession of Civil Parties (the Law).

Personal data provided by HR Ratings Clients may be shared and transmitted to local and foreign authorities that regulate and monitor the operation of this credit rating agency, or any authority that by law may have access to this information.

HR Ratings has a subsidiary in the USA, therefore the personal data the User and/or Client provides to this Agency may be shared with, and treated by, this subsidiary and any other subsidiaries, affiliates or related companies that may exist in the future.

Additionally, HR Ratings may enter into collaboration agreements with third parties and may, as applicable, share the name, email and phone number of HR Ratings Clients, solely and exclusively in relation to such collaboration agreements, on the prior consent of the Client.

The HR Ratings Compliance Department receives and processes requests from Users and Clients to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection (ARCO Rights) as established by Law, and also to limit the use or disclosure of data and to revoke consent.

To contact the department that receives and processes ARCO Rights requests:

HR Ratings Compliance Department
Guillermo González Camarena No. 1200, Piso 10, Colonia Centro de Ciudad Santa Fe, C.P. 01210, Mexico City.
Phone: 1500 3130

The User or Client, or their legal representative, may submit request to HR Ratings at any time to exercise their ARCO Rights, via the HR Ratings Compliance Department, under the terms of Chapter IV of the Federal Data Protection Law and according to the requisites established therein.

Unless the owner of personal data states their objection to their data being transferred and processed per the terms of this privacy notice, their consent will be tacit.

HR Ratings reserves the right to make changes and to update this notice to comply with applicable legislation. Any changes and/or updates will be published immediately on the HR Ratings website and will be delivered to Users via the email provided.

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