HR Ratings was created in 2007 with the aim of transforming, through high-quality service and unparalleled transparency, the rating agency industry, which was going through an unprecedented crisis of credibility.

Fifteen years later, we are proud to say we have achieved our goal. We are the leading rating agency in the Mexican market as a result of the commitment and effort we apply to every rating we issue.

The success of our drive to increase our international operations is reflected in the large number of ratings we have issued for companies in the United States, Latin America, and Europe, always under the close supervision of the regulators and authorities of each region and country. Our global presence grows stronger each year, making us one of the most recognized rating agencies in the world.

Our mission is to continue being a leading global Rating Agency , recognized for our deep and rigorous analysis, dynamic processes, the transparency of our methodologies, and the close monitoring of all the ratings we issue. We are confident that we will continue to transform the rating agency industry, and we know that we will do so with the same values, commitment and dedication that have distinguished us from day one.

Alberto Ramos / Chairman of the Board of Directors

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